The AFTRAC group is made up of AFTRAC Limited, AFTRAC Testing Limited and General Plant Service System Limited (GPSSL).These reliable and capable wholly indigenous-Nigerian companies have made strides in the oil and gas service sector as a successful,technology resource group.

AFTRAC Limited was incorporated in 1993 as a limited liability company. We began our operations offering a wide range of Instrumentation products to the downstream oil and gas sector. We rapidly extended our customer base and range of products and services to the upstream sector. Our ultrasonic sand management solutions allow operators optimizes oil and gas production when sand is a concern.

AFTRAC TESTING LIMITED is a Nigerian based Oil and Gas Engineering and Service Company. The main focus of its operations is to provide specialist services to customers within the West African sub–region either onshore or offshore, in the following areas:

AFTRAC Limited services cover the following areas:

• Sand (particle) Monitoring
• Pig Detection
• Erosion-Corrosion Monitoring
• Leak Monitoring

Our Cased-Hole Logging Services:

• Well Leak Detection (WLD)
• Well Sand Detection (WSD)
• Well Scale Removal (WSR)

Our Advanced Process Diagnostics services:

• Radiation Testing & Monitoring

• Vessel Scans
• Pipeline Integrity
• Reservoir Studies
• Taggants

AFTRAC well testing services cover the following areas:

• Well testing- High and low rate/pressure capability

• Well testing- Temporary well hook-up
• Surface sampling for PVT analysis
• Early production facilities (EPF)
• Well clean-up/flow back
• Particle monitoring


• Oil Water Separation
• The Petroliminator Application
• Training