Our well test package is designed to meet all safety and quality standards for sensitive land and offshore operations. We have built up a team of highly motivated professionals that see through the eyes of the customer. With this mind set, our customers get more value with our equipment, because their satisfaction is key in our business.

Well Testing Service Offerings

• Surface Well Clean-up/Testing

• Temporary Well Hook-up

• Early Production Facility (EPF)

• Sand Check/Removal

Well test Analysis and Interpretation

Aftrac Engineers acquire data to understand the characteristics of the well and hydrocarbon reservoir including:

• Flow behavior

• Well productivity and performance

• Well productivity and performance

• Volumetric data

• Sand quantification


Flowing periods:

• Confirm performance and productivity

• Clean-up and rate measure

• Collect fluid samples

• Test Sand production

Shut-in period:

• Determine the well and reservoir performance

• Test proven volume

• Analyse flow behaviour around wellbore

In summary the well test will ensure you avoid production surprises by obtaining accurate and reliable real-time data that acts as a surveillance and diagnostic tool.

Aftrac Well Test equipment

Choke Manifold

• Working Prssure 10,000 psi

• Test Pressure 15,000 psi

• Temperature P-You (-20 to +250’ F)

• H2S Sour Gas Service

• Code: API 19/ED NACE MR 01-75 PSL 2 EE

• Inlet connec

• Out let connec


• Three phase Separa

• Working Pressure: 144o psi

• Working temp: 125’F

• Capacity Gas: 25-60 MMSCFD, Liquid: 13000 BOPD

• Code: ASME B31.3, AMSE Sec

• Measurement of the produced fluids and gas.

Safe, Efficient and accurate collection and interpretation of data.

AFTRAC Safety Measures and Standards

• Pressure safety valves on all equipment

• Designed to handle high pressure wells

• Designed to handle wells that produce H2S

• All standard liging points

• Regular inspection certification and maintenance

• Staff all trained and certified for the field.

Building a Premier indigenous Oil Service Company.

Aftrac Training & Development Division

• Hands on Field Engineering Training

• Tailored courses

• International certification center for Oil and Gas

• Technical Management Development

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